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Maryland Democrats Unite! Think Globally, act locally

We Democrats sometimes forget that our opposition is determined and ruthless. We progressives often forget that the opposition to progress is corrupt and vicious. If our own virtues are things like open-mindedness, dedication to the common man and the common-weal, our own vices lie in the fact that we aren’t always willing to fight until we are up against the wall, and that we aren’t always willing to unite even when we are up against the wall. We have to stop with that.

If you think that the new Governor Larry Hogan is a liberal reform Republican like the ones we knew when we were younger (or his father) and that we can make common cause with him to make the State Better, you’d better recall what it was like to work with John Erlich a few years ago. The Cons are not the Republicans of our grandparents generation and they aren’t even the Cons of our parents Generations and the Reagan years. Over the years their sourpuss base has pushed them ever more into libertarian and wingnut land to the point where anyone who thinks that this will be a “get along to go along” “business as usual” change is deluding him or herself.

I’m not saying we can’t make it look that way. If we setup the battlefield right, they, being politicians will tack to the center and work with us. But their issues, are not really “reform” as most reasonable people understand it. What is driving the current GOP is Social Dominance on the part of their leaders [See Are you a Social Dominance], and a kind of ennabling syndrome for Authoritarianism and Conventionality known as “Right Wing Authoritarian Behavior” [See Understanding Social Dominance Theory]. Both are dominated by dominant individuals who serve wealth and power first and think of minorities, the ill, the aged and women as people who should be dominated; as “losers.” Heaven forgive them, but RWA types are submissive to authority and aggressive to those they think are below their rank in social hierarchy.

So this blog is going to be primarily devoted to Maryland Politics in general and Local politics specifically. And I have a lot to say, and so will be saying it in a variety of ways.