The Chicken Revolution, part one

The World Trade Organization whispered a complaint from Canada and Mexico about USA “Country of Origin” labeling laws — and congress repealed them. , so now our Monopolistic (as in playing the game of monopoly) Integrated vertically and horizontally Conglomerate Food companies No longer have to tell us where they came from. Isn’t that nice?

And it gets better, now some of the major producers have announced an initiative to export live chickens, slaughter them abroad and then reimport them to the United States. (See [Scaling up “The Jungle”] for more) The Jungle has gone International! Upton Sinclair would be thrashing around in his grave.

Benefits of Chickens

All the more reason for us to buy local products.

Since we don’t have a local Grocery store, fellow Brunswickians, we do still have options. One is to pick up quality, locally raised Chicken at the weekly City Farmer’s Market. The other is the “Chicken Revolution”. We can encourage more people to raise chickens locally. And we can make sure that if you can’t get to the nearest Wall-Mart or distant Grocery Stores for Fresh from China Chicken, we can make sure that either you can raise your own eggs and chickens, or buy them locally. That’s the “Chicken Revolution”. It’s not a left or right thing, it’s an eating thing. The nice thing is that the Chicken Revolution truly promises “A Chicken in Every Pot”. (Not yet a Pot for every chicken.)

More on the Chicken Revolution, From Frederick Newspaper Interview:

The benefits are innumerable. Not only do they eat bugs, weeds, and table scraps, they fertilize the garden and turn all that into fresh eggs for us. The best part of the eggs is that we know exactly what went into making them. They are also quite therapeutic. We enjoy sitting up on our deck and watching them scratch and cluck while we throw them down bread crumbs. This amounts to us watching ‘chicken TV’ as we call it … which can be very entertaining and relaxing.They also tend to eat right from your hand and follow you around the yard while you work….

Source for Quote:

Further Reading:

To read about Upton Sinclair, go to

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